Thursday, October 8, 2009


Apparently I can only post one picture at a time. Poop

After observing my nails all day (which I posted this morning), I've decided to try out a rainbow stripe mani. It's been in my thoughts for a while but never really had enough space on my nails to comfortably try it out. This package definitely had rebooted my inspiration. Maybe I'll be able to use some of these beautiful SH HD's!! Hopefully they are pigmented enough.

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Yippee for surprise goodies!!!

I got these in the mail today!!! So excited. A huge THANK YOU to Christine over at Temptalia!!!

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Test post

Testing something

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Super crappy NOTD

Hello blog, it's been a while hasn't it? So this is the most extensive nail art I've tried in a while, might as well post it...

This stared out as one mani a few days ago I did to match my's been chipping and I've been gradually adding onto it in boredom bit by bit. Today I went a little overboard..:/ and the result is kind of tacky but I still like it:) I would like it a lot better if it wasn't so chunky but oh well. That's what happens when you add on to a mani 3 different times right?

Ok here goes:

Products used:
China Glaze: entourage and custom kicks
Savina: you're my sunshine
Color Club: worth the risqué (the little dots)
Wet n Wild: black creme for the dots

(this started out with ONLY custom kicks on the tips and some little black dots along the nail line. I had a teal shirt with big black buttons down the front and it was all matchy and cute :D)

Also I wanted to post this while I still have nails (minus the index finger) on my left hand. I'm going to be starting teaching piano again and will sadly have to cut them off. My right hand is a mess, by now every single nail has broken.

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