Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beauty From the Earth (BFTE) Cosmetics - Haul!

Quick post:

I received my BFTE order today, and it arrived SUPER QUICK! I got an email saying my order shipped out on 1/18, and I received it today 1/20. I'm always amazed and unexpectedly delighted by how fast it takes for the packages to get here.

Anyway, here are the colors I got:
Panurple, Sweet Nibblets, Seafoam, Charm, Walking on Water, Twisted, Lucky Me, 1939, Buttered Up (I renamed this color from the previous "Yellow Snow"! ^_^), Meow, Sunkissed, Aruba, Kiss and Tell, Canyon, Sweet n Spicy, Chaos, Red River

Oh, and I also picked up the color of the week, Gable. (COTW, special color each week that sells for $2 full size, normally priced at $6.50) which I forgot to take a picture of.