Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sample Makeup Jars and Contact Lens Cases!

Just a quick post from my phone!

So I've been getting some sample baggies of mineral eyeshadows recently, and I really didn't like working out of the bags. However, I don't have any special jars or containers or anything for storing these in and was looking around for stuff to keep them in.

Enter my contact lens cases! I have a bunch of these lying around, and have really found a new appreciation for these little guys! A couple of years ago I found that using them to bring along small amounts of lotion/hair gels/cleanser/etc in my carry on luggage was really handy for short term traveling. Now, I've sacrificed all of my contact lens cases for the purpose of storing makeup! I had to wash them all out and sanitize them, since some had questionable looking lotion products crusted inside :/

Anyways, here's a pic of my contact lens cases as sample makeup jars (the clear ones on the left are actual sample jars from BFTE Cosmetics - I'd love to buy some of these empty jars!)

Sample jars
EDIT: Sorry for those that have already seen this post before, but the picture turned out HUUUGE. Resized and fixed now :)

Does anyone else have any good DIY ideas for storing makeup?

Also, I will probably be on hiatus for at least a month. I'm taking my MCATs in September and really need to crack the whip on studying because I've been slacking for the past year or so....:(

This also means that I may blog more in order to avoid studying..but my goal is to stay focused and disciplined and maintain self control!

Thanks for reading!
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