Monday, November 12, 2012

Taco Time - The Crispy Beef Burrito

The crispy beef burrito takes me way back to my childhood.  I used to meet my dad for dinner once a week. We frequently visited Taco Time. I've tried many things on their menu, but there was one item that always remained a favorite - the crispy beef burrito. When trying to describe this to Taco Time first-timers, I find myself saying "giant taquito" and "beefy churro"...but it really isn't either of those things. The crispy burrito is truly in a class of its own, unique and not seen anywhere else. I remember I once went through the drive through. I was sitting in the backseat, and told my friends up front to order me - you guessed it - a crispy beef burrito. Imagine my dismay when I bit in and discovered it was a crispy BEAN burrito.  Sorry, Taco Time, no offense, but no beans for this girl.

(I am participating in Taco Time's Ultimate Fan Challenge in celebration of their 50th birthday. Sorry for the random and off-subject blog post!)