Saturday, May 16, 2009

O.P.I. - "Osaka-to-Me Orange"

Today was another beautiful sunny day so I'm honoring that with a nice, sunny (kind of) color. I looove orange (even though this is my only true orange polish ;P) so this works.

This is kind of a pain to apply properly and get the right color. At 2+ coats it becomes kind of a Halloween-y pumpkin orange, at 1 coat it's a nice, kind of sheer, orange that's not too bright. But VERY hard to control that 1 layer and get it smooth and the same color across all nails.

For swatching purposes this is just 2 thick coats, to make things easy.

(BTW, these pics were taken a few weeks ago, my nails are currently super short and stumpy due to the ultimate frisbee incident. They are growing back, slowly but surely...probably surely to be broken again anyways. Eh oh well, I must set a good example for my piano students =P)

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