Sunday, April 19, 2009

New "Beauty Blog"

Since my other blog is mostly a personal one, I figured I would make a separate public blog to satisfy my beauty/makeup/polish urges.  If I can keep it up, this will be dedicated to my new obsession with nail polish, and an ongoing makeup fetish.   An occasional random posting here or there on other subjects may emerge as well.  

Mostly, I just want a chance to post swatches and other stuff.  I'm kind of a newb to the nail polish blogging scene as well and found the Community Nail Polish Gallery, but couldn't figure out how to put pics up there or register.  Until I figure out how to do so (or are they closed to registration? what's the deal..I have no idea) I'll just do them here instead.

There is one thing that I should say upfront, and that is that most of my beauty products come from my local Rite Aid.  I operate on a tight budget so higher end products are probably not going to be seen here.  

I have a bunch of photos saved up that I will get to later.  These include mostly nail polish swatches, a few Zoyas from the exchange, drug store brands, and some random hauls.

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