Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunny Day! Pure Ice - Party Time

This was actually some swatching I did yesterday.  It was a beautiful sunny day so I thought a nice sunny yellow would be appropriate.  Pure Ice, I found this in a dollar store for $0.99.  I spied some beautiful, pale yellow bottles on top of a shelf and got super excited, because I'm constantly looking for the perfect yellow color that still suits my skin tone.  

Can't say I was satisfied, though, because this polish was EXTREMELY sheer.  The polish itself was thin and kinda watery.  The directions say "shake gently.  apply 2 coats."  If I did that my nails would basically look like they were stained yellow or something.  

Anyways, these pics may not be accurately representing what this would look like if you actually wanted to wear it, it may or may not dry.  

This was 2 thin coats + 2-3 *thick* coats.  I didnt really want to wait for it to dry, but this color is pretty close to what the bottle looked like.  If you just do 2-3 normal coats it would just be kind of a sheer, yellow frosty effect.

Last pic was taken outside but NOT in direct sunlight.

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