Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Manicures

In honor of March - the month of St. Patty's Day AND also my birthday - I am hoping to do a mini series of green manicures. I rummaged through my polish collection and came up with 8 green polishes:

Top row: Zoya ~ Envy followed by three random bottles of Asian nail polish.
Bottom row: Zoya ~ Irene, Sally Hansen HD ~ Hi-Def, China Glaze ~ Entourage, Milani 3D Holographic ~ Hi-Tech.

I'm currently sporting Milani's Hi-Tech on my nails and loving it! I've worn it to work this week with minimal drama. I've read reviews that is is "extremely" bright, but it is actually surprisingly un-flashy (in my opinion) for being a lime green holo. When I find time and better well as batteries for my real camera (these recent posts are being made from my phone), I will get some pics and a proper review up.

Quick comments about some of the other polishes:

Zoya ~ Envy: I've yet to wear this but I've swatches it and it is a dark, foresty green cream that can easily be mistaken for black by the common eye. EDIT: This is NOT a cream, but has a VERY subtle - BARELY discernible - shimmer to it.

Zoya ~ Irene: I believe I did a review on this a long time ago. Search for Zoya or Green in my tags.

Sally Hansen ~ Hi-Def: This was a bit runny and not as pigmented as I was expecting for an "HD" polish.

China Glaze ~ Entourage: from the Kicks collection. Very pigmented! I love this color, but make sure to wear a base coat. I have Custom Kicks (teal blue) and Entourage from this collection, and I forget which left a nasty yellow stain but I suggest using a base coat for both.

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