Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zoya - "TRUTH" Fall 2009 Collection

UPDATE: "Salma" has been added!

Here are swatches of Zoya's Truth collection. For some reason, I did not swatch "Salma" but did the other 5 polishes in this collection (Penny, Kalmia, Drew, Anaka, Isla).

Again, I realize that I'm a season or two late since this was the Fall 2009 collection, but I didn't really feel up for a ton of swatching and photo-taking until today. I was on a roll today and did a bunch of swatches (to be completely honest I'm trying to study for the MCAT's right now, but have had a difficult time focusing and this was a good way to pass some time :P. I'm happy now...but won't be in May when I have my exam :(...)

I also did a couple of China Glazes and the two other holos I mentioned in my last post (Milani and Color Club). I'll get to those later. For now:

Zoya - "Penny" This is a nice coppery-orange, I think the name suits it fairly well.

Zoya - "Kalmia" A darker, redder version of penny. It has a nice golden shimmer to it as you can probably see.

Zoya - "Salma" Should go here, as it is the next step up from Kalmia. It is a darker version of Kalmia, more of a red and less of an orange/copper. At the time I was taking pictures, I felt that Kalmia and Salma were so similar that I didn't feel like swatching Salma :(. It may have just been the lighting in my room, but I was lazy. Sorry! I will try to remember to swatch it another day and update this post.

Zoya - "Salma" This was a very pretty, red with a hint of copper/orange/brick. While swatching I looked at it and wanted to keep it on. I feel stupid now for not including it the first time.

Zoya - "Drew" This is a nice, mauve polish. It's fairly neutral, and has a muted quality to it. Kind of a "dusty rose" perhaps?

Zoya - "Anaka" This is a very pretty fuschia/magenta polish. Unlike the other polishes in this collection, Anaka has unique glass-flecky shimmer particles in it that really give it some depth. I'm not really a fuschia person but I like the glass-flecks.

Zoya - "Isla" This is a beautiful dark red polish. It has that dark, blackened shimmer to it that really gives this polish a lot of depth.

And that's it for now! I think that Penny is a unique color, but Isla is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Apologies for not including "Salma".

I also have the Dare collection, and will swatch that as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading ^_^

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