Sunday, April 25, 2010

China Glaze - "Sun Worshipper" swatches and review - Poolside Collection Summer 2010

Many of you guys and girls have probably already heard about China Glaze's new Summer 2010 neon "Poolside" collection. I absolutely ADORE neons so this collection is just calling my name!

I'd love to try Flip Flop Fantasy and Yellow Polka Dot, once I find a store that carries them.  I have a major weakness for orange, yellow and coral polishes! 

I haven't been able to find this collection at my local Sally's Beauty yet, but a few weeks ago the girls over at Salon Perfect Lashes were nice enough to send me a couple bottles for my birthday! (thanks! ^_^ ♥)  I received two colors - "Towel Boy Toy" and "Sun Worshipper" and finally got a chance to swatch them  a few days ago.

The first one I'm showing you (welcome to all my lovely new readers, by the way!) is "Sun Worshipper".  Now, I know I just said that I adored neon colors, but what I love even more  is orange! This is basically the best of both worlds. Sun Worshipper is a neon yellow-orange. It's super bright, and like other neons once applied it dries matte.  It's actually not a completely flat matte, but has more of a satiny finish.

The formula is a bit thick, but it strangely enough it still applies pretty sheer.  I had to do 2-3 thick coats in order to get full coverage.  As you can see the application is slightly chunky, but it's a beautiful color, isn't it!  (Still doesn't replace Zoya-"Paz" though, Paz is my all time favorite neon orange polish).

Pictures: These were all taken outside on a gorgeous sunny day...the name "Sun Worshipper" was quite appropriate ;) I used a clear coat for a base.


And with a clear top coat:
You can't really tell from these pictures, but I almost feel like adding the clear top coat made the polish look brighter and a bit lighter in it emphasized the yellow tone more.  Maybe it was just the extra shine?

That's all, thanks for reading! I will get the pictures up for "Towel Boy Toy" ASAP once I'm done cropping/etc.

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