Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rainbow Eyes using BFTE Cosmetics

After all this time, I am finally doing my first ever makeup related blog post!

A while back I won a Twitter giveaway (by the way, follow me on Twitter here: @polishmakeup!) sponsored by Beauty From the Earth (BFTE) Cosmetics. I received several sample jars of their Multi-use Minerals.

The colors I chose were:
* Addicted (red)
* Tangerine (orange)
* Lemon (yellow)
* Envy (yellow-green)
* Blueberry (blue)
* Grape (purple)
* Very Vanilla (matte vanilla-beige)
* Whisper (beige with a unique violet shimmer)
(When I get a chance I will try and do a product review...or at least get up some pictures and swatches...of these colors. To sum it up briefly, they have a HUUUUGGGEE selection of colors, and are always adding more. From what I've tried, the multi-use minerals are pretty well pigmented. I picked out these colors knowing that I wanted to do a rainbow look..and even then I had trouble deciding which blues, greens, etc to choose!)

Since I adore rainbows and rainbow makeup looks, I decided to try out one of my own. Here are some pics! (I apologize for the crappy lighting and quality, I did this when I got bored one night and all I had to light my face was my desk lamp. Also, pictures were taken with my iPhone :P ).

On the top lid I used (from inner to outer corner) Envy, Lemon, Tangerine, Addicted, Grape, and Blueberry.

On the bottom I used Grape and Blueberry, with Grape on the lower lash line as well.

I used Whisper as a hilight on the top lid and browbone, as well as outlining the blue and purple on the bottom lid and inner corner.

Black gel liner (L'Oreal HIP) on top and plenty of mascara! I did use an eyeshadow base but don't remember exactly which one at the moment (sorry!).

Thanks for reading!

If you are interested in learning more about BFTE Cosmetics, check out their website and follow their Twitter where they do a lot of great giveaways!


A Brilliant Brunette said...

This is beautiful!

★JENN★ said...

Thank you!

Lily nail said...

so beautifull
i have a giveaway on my blog !! if you want see :)